Why Our Unique Lifestyle Coaching System Is Going To Work For You

we provide a tonne of valuable advice, guidance and coaching across the keys to success that will help you love yourself,
respect your body, trust your mind and succeed in any aspects of your life!

Created by Emily and Patrick - a couple passionate about helping you achieve your health, fitness and lifestyle goals.

No Diet

Most people fail because they follow some form of ridiculous diet, cut out all the foods they love and their motivation goes!
We are different by providing you with education and showing you ways where you can eat the foods you love while still achieving your weight and body goals!

Achievable for Anyone

Everybody has the right to love themselves!
And everybody has the right to be provided with an individual lifestyle regime consisting of mindset, nutrition and exercise in a safe environment of like-minded people! This way you will keep on track and achieve your goals, no matter what!

Scientifically Proven

WE DO NOT teach our own opinion like so many others out there. But we teach you the latest science-based principles of developing healthy mindset, nutrition and exercise habits which you can then easily follow for the rest of your life! Everything else would be just a waste of your precious time and money and really - who wants that?!

All Of Our Programs Are Based On Our Six Pillars Of Success

and we coach our clients all of these pillars and make sure they are getting into the best shape of their life - mentally and physically


Develop An Invincible Mindset
Learn new mindset principles to achieve your goals and become the best version of yourself.


Become a Member of Our Community
Learn about the importance of being a member of a great and supportive community of like-minded people! And stay with them for life!


Create Healthy Nutritional Habits
Learn about and implement nutritional strategies that will transform your physique without feeling starved.


Create An Incredible Lifestyle
Learn about and implement vital lifestyle habits to start feeling amazing on the inside and looking great on the outside.


Fall In Love With Great Workouts
Tailored, structured, time-efficient & progressive exercise programme to cater for your requirements and goals.

Your Results

Look Forward To Life Lasting Results
Get incredible results and due to our efforts in educating you and giving you all the tools you need, keep your results for the rest of your life!

Incredible Transformations Of Some Of Our Coaching Clients

if you are all in with us, we are all in with you and we can literately guarantee results!

Our Most Popular Programs

our nutrition and training programs are tailored to your life and your body.
Using a science-based system with our professional support, we will push you to achieve the results you want.

Programs for Her

A Great Way For Her To Get Started

Coaching Program

For Female Medical Shift Worker

What You Will Get With Our Programs

Assessment by Us

Normal Programs And Coaching Program
Upon sign up, you’ll complete a detailed questionnaire about your current lifestyle, exercise and nutrition regime and more which helps us to establish your goals.

Exclusive Exercise Videos

Normal Programs And Coaching Program
Get full exclusive access to a private HD video library in our own fitness app, showing you step by step how to perform each training exercise to avoid injuries.

Access to Coaches

Coaching Program Only
Full access to a private Slack channel staffed by our coaches. Ask any questions you want and interact with the friendly and supportive community.


Normal Programs And Coaching Program
Training plan designed to help you reach your goals. Delivered through our own app. Everything is laid out in minute detail with explanation or reps, sets, rest and tempo.

Weekly Photo Check-ins

Normal Programs And Coaching Program
Take photos through our own fitness app to keep track of your progress and receive feedback on your submission from one of our coaches.

New Plans Available Monthly

Normal Programs And Coaching Program
New training plans will be made available each month during your subscription. Choose to either stay with your existing plan or change it up for a new one each month.


Normal Programs And Coaching Program
We teach you everything you need to build your daily nutritional regime! We actually want you to eat the foods you love and you will still achieve your personal weight goals!

Healthy, Tasty Recipes

Normal Programs And Coaching Program
Benefit from delicious recipes perfect for keeping you on track towards your goals. Make your meals fun and tasty, without compromising your targets.

Discounts & Upgrades

Normal Programs And Coaching Program
Receive exclusive discounts on UP clothing, supplements, training camps and much more. Also, if you decide to upgrade to One-to-One Online or In Gym Personal Training, get credit against your package.