Patrick Amadeu
I am different because

I believe the innovation and quality of my unique online coaching program and products to be industry leading. I provide you with the education you need to achieve life lasting results and equip you for a life of ongoing health and fitness.

female medical pros

Specifically designed only for female medical shift workers to guarantee you life lasting results despite the unique challenges shift work is coming with!

for her and him

My ‘Allrounder’ for anyone who wants to get into the best shape of their life, mentally and physically!

Results So Far
  • 389 Coaching Clients in our Evolution Coaching Academy
  • 2785 Clients altogether
  • 98% Client Success Rate*

* Clients who finished our coaching or academy program

MY Special Offer!
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I Don’t Promote Diets
Most people fail as they follow some form of ridiculous diet, cut out the foods they love and their motivation goes!
We are different by providing you with education and showing you ways where you can eat the foods you love while still achieving your weight and body goals!
Everybody has the right to love themselves!
And everybody has the right to be provided with an individual lifestyle regime consisting of mindset, nutrition and exercise in a safe environment of like-minded people! This way you will keep on track and achieve your goals, no matter what!
I DO NOT teach our own opinion like so many others out there. But I teach you the latest science-based principles of developing healthy mindset, nutrition and exercise habits which you can then easily follow for the rest of your life! Everything else would be just a waste of your precious time and money and really - who wants that?!


Specifically Developed To Guarantee You Life Lasting Results!
Develop An Invincible Mindset
Learn new mindset principles to achieve your goals and become the best version of yourself.
Create Healthy Nutritional Habits
Learn about and implement nutritional strategies that will transform your physique without feeling starved.
Great Workouts Through Our App
Tailored, structured, time-efficient & progressive exercise programme delivered through our own fitness app.
Become a Member of Our Community
Learn about the importance of being a member of a great and supportive community of like-minded people!
Create An Incredible Lifestyle
Learn about and implement vital lifestyle habits to start feeling amazing on the inside and looking great on the outside.
Life Lasting Results
We focus on educating you and giving you all the tools you need to keep your results for the rest of your life!
Featured Posts
WHAT MY clients
Lauren K.
Theater Nurse, South Australia

My love for fitness and nutrition lead me to search for a reliable coach. After trying several different programs, I found Patrick. I have been with his program now for nine months and not only has my mindset changed, but I have achieved my weight goal and I know how to maintain it due to his coaching being there for us 24/7!

Nicole K.
Emergency Nurse, South Australia

I’ve tried everything… Weight Watchers, Tony Ferguson, Optifast, specialised nutritionist (through a gym and by private) to the latest fad diet in magazines. Patrick’s approach and holisitic method is the most effective, sustainable and enjoyable program I’ve used. Nothing is off limits.

Sneha R.
PhD, Brisbane, Australia

Patrick always goes above and beyond in his service and understands that there isn’t a blanket solution to everyone’s problems. He tailored my program based on my time schedule, ability and lifestyle which makes it much easier to maintain and be consistent.

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