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10 Jun
Exercising is an investment. It requires time, resources and energy—three things that are in short supply for the vast majority of us. Nonetheless, the benefits make it worth the effort and focusing on a few small lifestyle changes is more effective than trying “all or nothing” fad diets. There are many little things you can do every day to promote weight loss and support metabolism and overall health. For example, the following hacks can boost the efficiency of your workouts and help you find ways to squeeze physical activity into even the busiest of schedules.
10 Jun
Here’s a scary statistic that’ll keep you up at night: more than 1/4 of the US population doesn’t get enough sleep.
Think about it: that means 1/4 of your coworkers are probably flying on autopilot. Surprise: it’s Susan who just spilled coffee all over her keyboard and forgot to shoot you the outline from yesterday’s meeting that you missed.
10 Jun
Who doesn’t want a backside that turns heads? Not sure which exercises are best for building the perfect booty? I’ve got you covered.

Hint: It’s not cardio.

Here are 16 of the best glute training techniques and exercises you can do starting today. Incorporate these into your lower-body training regimen and you’ll be blown away by the results!

03 Jun
As a fitness and personal development coach, confidence is a topic that comes up in my work pretty often. How do you cultivate it? Why do some people seem so much more confident than others? What is it that confident people have that those who lack confidence don’t?

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