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August 10, 2021by Patrick Amadeu0

With the help of countless Instagram models these days selling weight loss programs and eBooks disguised as these life changing body transformation programs…

Millions of people set themselves up to half starve all day, restrict their calories and avoid foods that are “bad”. You might be someone who tries to severely restrict your intake of calories throughout the day like I used to during the week.

I know it all too well. You can easily skip breakfast, distract through lunch with a busy work schedule, and even white knuckle putting off dinner. But by the evening hours your body is hungry and angry (HANGRY)

It needs sustenance and energy to accomplish everything you want it to do.

When you push your body to do too much without giving it the fuel it needs to make that happen, it’s like demanding your car go 100 miles on an empty tank of gas.

Since that can’t happen, you are now set up to binge eat. Your body literally needs and craves sugar and carbs (its preferred fuel source)

So, in a tired and hungry state, your judgment is impaired and impulsivity increases. In an attempt to rebalance the lack of food, you’re vulnerable to going overboard, compensating for the profound dip in blood sugar and depleted energy.

Bingeing is not the same thing as merely overeating. Three extra cookies is overeating.. the whole bag followed by ordering a burger off Uber eats is a binge.

Bingeing leads to a state of physical pain and fatigue, as well as intense feelings of guilt, shame, powerlessness, self-hatred, and a profound loss of control. These thoughts and experiences set you up to “make-up” for the binge by starving again the next day and ‘working it off’ in the gym’

This is the beginning of the restrict-binge-restrict cycle that creates medical complications, emotional and psychological pain, and can lead to you making ZERO progress in the gym.

It can be a terrible thing to experience, and such an important cycle to break out of.

These are some of the important steps I took to break free of the starve-binge cycle and find a MUCH more sustainable approach. These steps are what we have focused on with hundreds of women in our online community to help them break free.

1. Accept and respect the uniqueness of your body and how it was meant to look.

2. Eat foods that actually heal your metabolism and increase your metabolic rate. Calories and macros are only part of the equation. You need to eat to heal, and eat things you can actually digest!

3. Give yourself permission to enjoy what you eat! Take your time to taste and appreciate it. Your brain can only register fullness if it is “present” for the experience of eating.

4. Stop dieting! Or at-least, only plan to diet for a short time. Your body is not designed to be deprived of energy all the time.

5. Don’t skip meals. They set you up for bingeing at the end of the day. You might see things about fasting.. But this is an advanced method of eating that won’t work for most people (especially people who are prone to binge eat)

6. Think about food as a positive source of energy and sustenance, rather than a source of comfort, reward, or a weapon.

7. Stop labelling foods as “good” or “bad.” That adds an unnecessary emotional component to eating and sets you up to diet.

8. Find an approach that is SUSTAINABLE and ENJOYABLE. If you could still eat foods you loved regularly and fueled your body with metabolically supportive foods, you wouldn’t feel the need to binge.

9. Cultivate a practice of gratitude for all of the amazing things your body does for you everyday – including digest food.

10. Surround yourself with a tribe of other like minded people who are on the same mission as you. As I explained in yesterdays email, your herd matters. Your tribe matters. The people you are surrounded by will effect your habits greatly, so choose carefully.

I hope this helps.


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