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Hi there, I am Patrick Amadeu


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since 2003


Cert IV in Fitness and Nutrition,
Personal Trainer NASM (USA),
Personal Trainer EREPS (Germany)


HIIT & Weight Training
Personal Development,
Toning & Shaping,
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Weights, Beach Volley Ball, Soccer,
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A bit about myself

When I read other ‘About Me’ pages it is sometimes quite funny, because most times, especially this part of a website is mostly written by the owner, it is written in third person. 

So after Patrick Amadeu made several attempts to sound hilarious and even smarter than he actually is by writing in the third person, he quickly gave up this nonsense! Instead he decided to write a few things about himself…

Born and raised in a small town south-east of Munich in Germany, I grew up in very simple circumstances. I remember that my mum always told me that we only afford US$3 per day on food. At the same time though she would smoke at least two packs of cigarettes every single day…

However, she did the best she could. She tried to give me the best education she could provide as a single mother and I really am grateful for it and all the experiences.

When I was given to my grandparents, they taught me a lot about life, beliefs and people. And today my six principles I live by are

I believe in God
I believe in myself
I never give up
I chase my dreams
Others always first
I respect everybody

Question now is, if you are really wanting to know all that because I wouldn’t be surprised if you wanted to know:

Can this guy with his weird German/Australian/Something accent help you with your personal weight management and lifestyle goals?!

I truly hope that I can help you but sadly, for many visitors of my website and for many people who approach me, the short answer is NO!

If you are searching for an ‘Easy Way’ or for the next ‘Hack’ then I am afraid, I cannot help you!

I have been in the industry since 2003 and I learned rather quickly that there is no easy fix or a magic pill!

If you want instant results, I am not the one who can help you but neither can any kind of ‘wonder pills’ or $47 workouts or nutrition plans. You have to be both, ambitious AND patient on this journey!

Quite often I get asked about a quick or easy fix and that tells me that this person is not serious and not in for the long run to achieve life lasting results! And that means, they won’t put in the required effort.

When someone gets to the stage where he/she is no longer happy with who and what he/she sees in the mirror then it will take a lot of hard work to create the new YOU and it even takes harder work to break through negative habits to maintain your new YOU! 

Ok, you are still reading, so I guess, you are not looking for any shortcuts! Great!

If you don’t let me coach you and if you don’t implement what you learn, I can’t help you!
My most successful clients are the ones who have learned to follow my system consistently and to apply what they learn immediately. 
Your best way to ensure you reach your goals is to take immediate action but also to let me know immediately when you struggle!
If you think you know it all, I can’t help you!

Too often people assume they know what to do. Surprisingly often I get to hear ‘I know how to eat healthy’ yet they are heavily over- or underweight! 

Pretending you know something when you don’t limits your own effectiveness and will definitely limit your results!

You need to have a beginner’s mindset. This is the opposite of the expert mindset. Adopting a beginner’s mindset is one way to become more comfortable with not knowing. Only then, are you ready to learn something new and apply it in your life!

You are still reading? Fantastic!

Here is what you can expect from me:

  • a unique and proven system providing you with strategies and tips you can use in your life right now
  • Case studies from clients I have coached and who are now winning in their life!
  • Expert knowledge in nutrition, exercise and personal development and easy to follow and implement webinars, live calls on our own coaching platform
  • 100% results if you are willing to follow me and my system AND to give it your all
How do you know if my stuff is good?

That’s a fair question and the best place to start would be to get some of my free material in our Coaching Zone or simply register for one of my free workshops!

If you like what you hear and learn, you will probably want more and if you don’t like it, you won’t. It’s really simple and I can take a ‘no’. No problems at all!

One last thing!

Every day when my opportunity clock (alarm clock) wakes me up in the early morning, I am grateful that I was given another day on this planet and that I can keep working on the purpose of my life:


Lauren Krieg
Theater Nurse, South Australia

My love for fitness and nutrition lead me to search for a reliable coach. After trying several different programs, I found Patrick. I have been with his program now for nine months and not only has my mindset changed, but I have achieved my weight goal and I know how to maintain it due to his coaching being there for us 24/7!

Sneha Raut
Sneha Raut
PhD Student, Brisbane, Australia

Patrick always goes above and beyond in his service and understands that there isn’t a blanket solution to everyone’s problems. He tailored my program based on my time schedule, ability and lifestyle which makes it much easier to maintain and be consistent.

Nicole Kuchel
Emergency Nurse, South Australia

I’ve tried everything… Weight Watchers, Tony Ferguson, Optifast, specialised nutritionist (through a gym and by private) to the latest fad diet in magazines. Patrick’s approach and holisitic method is the most effective, sustainable and enjoyable program I’ve used. Nothing is off limits.