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We believe the innovation and quality of our unique ‘Becoming Invincible’ products to be industry leading. Any of our products, although targeting different goals etc., provides you with all the education you need to achieve life lasting results and equip you for a life of ongoing health and fitness. Knowing about the challenges of the Fitness and Nutrition industry, we do love to challenge their Status Quo, call out BS and make sure that you don’t fall for it!



Fitness & Mindset Coach

I was always very skinny and struggled a lot to put on any weight. When I was 16 my best friend and I joined a gym and faked our parents’ signatures. Not long after, we got busted and my first ‘gym career’ was gone. I never lost sight of it though and finally, in 2003, I qualified as a personal trainer and nutritionist. Over the years I realised that our mindset is either our most powerful tool or our biggest enemy. It just made sense to me to dive into personal development, get coaches myself to then coach others. 

Together with my incredible partner Rennelle, we developed our own program that focuses not only on creating an invincible mindset and confidence but also on your physique and relationship with food. We tested it countless times and now we are at a stage where we can roll it out and we can even guarantee you life lasting(!) results if you just follow it and let us help you! I see you on the other side soon and if you have any questions, then please contact us!



Nutritionist & Weight Management Specialist

I have always been an active person but never had any specific goals or had ones that I would talk myself out of. Today, I am a mother to our beautiful daughter and have a whole new appreciation for my body and mind and what I can do and achieve. Both, my mindset and body have changed greatly and for the better since I gave birth.

It is no secret that a lot of mums struggle with their body, mindset and confidence after having a baby. Therefore, I specialised on nutrition and weight management to help you achieve YOUR goals. Alongside with my amazing partner Patrick, we created our ‘Becoming Invincible’ 6 weeks program and our coaching program to help you get life lasting results and to finally get you to where you want to be at. I am excited for you to join us and can’t wait to talk to you!

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