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03 Jun
As a fitness and personal development coach, confidence is a topic that comes up in my work pretty often. How do you cultivate it? Why do some people seem so much more confident than others? What is it that confident people have that those who lack confidence don’t?

21 Aug
Have you ever asked yourself these questions – Do you believe that you deserve to receive what you desire? Do you believe that you are worthy of your desires?

These questions were recently asked of me by a friend of mine while we were discussing a very specific area of my life. When I thought about it, I realized that the shocking answer was, No I don’t believe it. That startled me! And thus, began my journey into questioning a number of areas in my life.

06 Aug
One thing I’ve learned is that there is never a ‘perfect moment’, never a ‘perfect day’, never a ‘perfect timing’, never ‘the right time’. Perfect conditions never actually come together.

A perfect time never happens. And does this ‘scenario’ sound familiar to you?
I was wishing it was Sunday again so I could sleep in and have one more day to catch up on everything around my house. Bad moods are the worst. They sap our energy, creativity, drive and sometimes cause us to engage in behavior that isn’t healthy. Hello, snacks I’m not even hungry for? Self-indulgent movie watching when I should be studying? Bring it on.
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