Exercise and Fitness

Exercise and Fitness

Exercise is an important part in any of our programs! This part makes sure that you tone up while optimising and maximising your personal weight and physique goals.

All of our workout routines are highly effective and it does not matter where you are at with your fitness levels. We take care of you and build your fitness levels up – step by step.

We do not provide a ‘one size fits all’ approach as everbody has different
… and so much more!

How Do We Make The Difference

Our clients get full access to our own fitness app which comes with the following features
  • Receive your personalised workout program and updates through the app
  • Track your workouts incl. sets, reps, weights etc.
  • Track your daily nutritional intake and reach your nutrition goals
  • Track your body stats, eg. weight, body fat, measurements
  • Track your progress through photos incl. our photo guide
  • Track your personal bests
  • HD Video library of more than 3000 exercise videos to improve your technique
  • Workout calendar to keep track of where you are up to
  • Connect other apps and devices, eg. MyFitnessPal, FitBits, Apple Watch  etc.
  • Track additional workouts manually
  • In-app messenger to communicate with your coach and accountability  group*

* these features are only available for our Evolution 2.0 or Platinum clients