It’s All About You

You Are Our Highest Priority

otherwise we would be only wasting your time
We see these common problems pretty much every single day
Get Results, Loose Results
Scales are not budging
No idea what to eat
No Workout Plan
Don't Know What To Do
Wrong exercise technique
and this list goes on and on …
Loose Weight, Gain it back
No One Cares About You
Cardio for Weight loss

We Are Different As We Do Care About You

and we work tirelessly to get you your results because we
Genuinely Care About you
Provide Results
Don't Waste Your Time
Provide Nutrition Education
Coach You
Are There For You 24/7
Check On You
We Provide Workout Programs
Educate You
Work With You
get you life lasting results
Optimise Weight Management
You still are concerned if this is really true?
Lauren Krieg
Theater Nurse, South Australia

My love for fitness and nutrition lead me to search for a reliable coach. After trying several different programs, I found Patrick. I have been with his program now for nine months and not only has my mindset changed, but I have achieved my weight goal and I know how to maintain it due to his coaching being there for us 24/7!

Sneha Raut
Sneha Raut
PhD Student, Brisbane, Australia

Patrick always goes above and beyond in his service and understands that there isn’t a blanket solution to everyone’s problems. He tailored my program based on my time schedule, ability and lifestyle which makes it much easier to maintain and be consistent.

Nicole Kuchel
Emergency Nurse, South Australia

I’ve tried everything… Weight Watchers, Tony Ferguson, Optifast, specialised nutritionist (through a gym and by private) to the latest fad diet in magazines. Patrick’s approach and holisitic method is the most effective, sustainable and enjoyable program I’ve used. Nothing is off limits.