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Online Coaching

What's Different About Your Coaching?

Most online coaching services (and most fitness experts) use generic exercise and diet templates. That means the same program for everyone – regardless of age, experience, or goals.

But at Patrick Amadeu – Lifestyle Systems Coaching everything from nutrition coaching to the exercise program is customized to our clients’ schedule, lifestyle, and personal preferences. Furthermore our mindset module and our community is what gives you life lasting results!

Do I Need To Be In A Specific Country To Join Evolution 2.0 Coaching?

Nope. We’ve had clients from over a dozen countries, including the U.K, South Africa, Germany, China, Australia, and Canada. We’d love to have you, no matter where you’re from.

What If I Am A Complete Beginner?

We love beginners! Our goal is to help you become 100% confident with exercise, nutrition and your mindset – without needing to think about it all the time. No matter your goal, we’ll guide you every step of the way and make sure you’re always following the right plan for your body.

What's The Time Commitment

Because your nutrition and exercise program are customized for you and your lifestyle, the time commitment is totally dependent on your goals and schedule. If you want to exercise four days a week, we’ll make it happen. If you can only exercise once per week, we’ll take care of you. Coaching is an ongoing process and it adapts with your life. Once you’re in our coaching program, you’ll work directly with your coach to get the best plan for your body and your schedule.

Can You Work Around Injuries?

Yes. Lots of people come to us with annoying shoulder, knee, or lower back issues (among other things). We’ll not only help you “work around it”, we’ll also give you ways to fix whatever issue you’re dealing with. And if we determine you’d be better off getting medical help for your injury, we’ll make sure to help you find a good service provider in your area.

How Customized Is Your Coaching Program?

Let’s put it this way: If you only want to eat a plant-based diet, we’ll help you do that. If you want to eat Paleo, that’s what we’ll give you. If you don’t know what you want to eat, we’ll work with you to decide which plan is right for you—and then give you everything you need to be successful.

If you have a big event coming up, we’ll help you get prepared. If you go on vacation, we’ll write you a hotel-room workout (or maybe even suggest you take the week off and enjoy yourself). If you have a shoulder injury, we’ll give you exercises to help it get better. If you want to lose weight the first few months and then add muscle the next few months, we’ll help you do that.

You tell us what you want to do, and we’ll help you do it. In other words: It’s very customized.

When Can I Expect To See Results?

95% of our clients reach their goals in 6 months or less. We think that’s pretty damn impressive.

Of course, when you will see results is completely personal. It depends on your goals, your current lifestyle, and how much work we need to do together. So, if you’re looking for a “quick fix to blast fat and get a six pack!” so some hard sell filled with empty promises, then this isn’t for you.

We’re invested in your success and want to help you over both the short and the long run. That means results that last. So while we’d love to be able to give you a specific answer, here’s what we can say with absolute confidence:

You WILL get results with with our coaching. We guarantee it.

How Much Does It Cost?

Evolution 2.0 costs you only $49 per week. This covers everything you need to get in better shape:

  • your personal exercise program including access to our fitness app,
  • your personal access to our online coaching platform,
  • Weekly coaching calls and webinars
  • 24/7 access to your coach
  • Access to our exclusive community
  • Lifelong access to our online platform Evolution 2.0
  • Mindset training and coaching
  • and much moreRemember: We don’t do generic plans. Instead, everything is completely customized for your body, your preferences, and your schedule. This attention to quality and personalization is how we’ve been able to help 4,000+ people get the body they want since 2003.

How Long Does Evolution 2.0 Last For?

In order to get the best results possible, we have a 3-month minimum commitment. Remember, we’re playing the long-game here. After the first three months, we’ll continue to coach you for as long as you want. Our clients come to enjoy having someone they trust write their exercise, nutrition and mindset  programs, so the vast majority stay on for a full year—with many of them sticking around for two or even three years!

Nutrition Products

What If I Don't Like One Of The Nutrition Products?

Please refer to our Return Policy. Basically, returning your nutrition products is not a problem at all, however do not send them back without having received further instructions from us!

Are The Products Safe?

All the products are safe however before taking any nutritional supplements we need you to consult your doctor.


Are Your Payment Options Safe?

Yes, all our payment options are safe and encrypted. We do NOT store any of your payment option data such as credit card numbers etc.

What Payment Options Do You Offer?

At this stage we offer the following payment options:

– Credit Cards (Visa, Master and Amex)

– PayPal

– LayBuy (weekly instalments)

Do You Offer Payment Plans?

Yes, we are working with LayBuy which is a similar provider like Afterpay. You will be paying conveniently in weekly instalments provided LayBuy accepts you. This is completely up to LayBuy and their terms and conditions, so if you are declined, it is outside of our influence.

All payment plans by LayBuy are certainly interest free (terms and conditions apply!).

Do you offer Afterpay?

Yes and no! We are not working with Afterpay at this stage however we are working with LayBuy as most of our clients love the small weekly interest-free payments.

Shipping & Delivery

I Have Not Received My Tracking Number

You will receive your tracking information once your order has shipped and your shipping confirmation email has been sent to the email address you provided when placing your order.

If you haven’t received your tracking link after 48 hours, please get in touch with your order details so we can look into it.

If you’ve received your tracking number but the tracking hasn’t updated, please allow up to 48 hours before getting in touch.

Where Is My Order?

Your delivery estimate is included in the shipping service you’ve selected, please allow until the maximum amount of time for your order to arrive.

You’ll be able to follow your parcel’s progress by clicking the ‘View Order’ button in your shipping confirmation email.

If you still haven’t received your order after the delivery estimate, get in touch with support and we’ll get right on it.

There Is Something Missing From My Order!

A packing list is included in every parcel sent from our distribution centre, please check the packing list to ensure there are no items missing from the list.

If an item you have ordered is missing from the packing list, this will likely have been removed due to it being out of stock. You will be notified by email should an item you’ve purchased be out of stock.

If you haven’t received an email notification about any changes to your order, but you’re still missing an item, please contact us immediately with the following information:

  • Order Number
  • Missing Item(s)

Our support team will look into the matter and will resolve the issue for you as quickly as possible.

Can You Deliver To PO Box's?

Unfortunately we are unable to deliver to any PO Boxes at this stage.

What If I Am Not Home For My Delivery?

If you are not at home when your parcel is due to be delivered, it may be left in a safe place which will be advised on a delivery note posted through your door by the courier. If the delivery fails, the courier will leave a note explaining they attempted delivery with instructions on how to rearrange.

My Parcel Is Marked As Delivered, But I Haven't Received It.

  • If your tracking states your package has been delivered, but you have not received it. Please first check with any surrounding neighbours for anyone who may have accepted the parcel on your behalf.
  • If you had your order delivered to a workplace, please check with all employees who may have accepted the parcel, we know how tempting a fresh package might be.
  • Couriers may update the tracking as delivered prior to delivery, so please allow up to 24 hours before assuming the parcel is lost. If after this period, you’re still unable to locate your order, contact our support team with your order details and we’ll do all we can to help out.
  • If you authorise the courier to leave your parcel without a signature and you cannot locate it, we cannot be held accountable if the delivery goes missing and you will need to process a claim via your bank.

*All lost parcel claims must be made within 7 days of the delivery date.

Return Policy

Our Return Policy

Items can be returned back to us for store credit which is valid for 12 months.
Your items will need to be in their original condition, with tags attached, unworn/unwashed, unused, unstained and in its original, undamaged box.
You can post your return back within 7 days of receiving your items. Transit times are not included within this time!
You will need to cover the cost of return postage.

We currently do not offer exchanges. A credit store against your original payment method will be processed upon reaching your return.

Items covered in animal/human hair will not be accepted!

All items are thoroughly inspected before any action is taken.

We reserve the right to return the item back to you should it be in an unacceptable condition. Same for any item returned breaches any of the terms outlined in our policy.

How Do I Return A Product?

  1. Create an Evolution Account here so we can issue your store credit.
  2. Send us an email including your order invoice and which articles you want to return.
  3. Email it to shop@patrickamadeu.com.
  4. Wait for the confirmation email which will advise where to send the product to.

Have You Received My Return?

  1. You can track your return via your chosen delivery service and see when it reaches our warehouse. This usually takes a few days.
  2. Once your return has reached our warehouse, allow up to 5 business days for us to process your return and issue your store credit.
  3. We will then send you a confirmation email when we have applied your store credit to your account.

Still haven’t received store credit in your account after this time?
Please follow up with our Customer Service Team.

Can I Return of Digital Products?

You can return anything except for digital products or anything you have used, worn etc. Also, personal development books (physical books or audio books) cannot be returned.

Can I Exchange An Item?

Please return your item back to us, then using your store credit to place a new order.

Can I Return Two Orders In One Parcel?

For the most efficient returns service, it’s best to register and send your returns back separately. This gives us much better visibility on your return enabling us to action your refund that little bit quicker.

If you do send multiple orders back in one parcel, your return may take an additional 7 working days to process.

I've Returned Something, Where Is My Store Credit?

Once your return has been delivered, it may take up to 7 working days to action your refund. If 7 working days have passed and you’ve received no refund notification, get in touch.

If you’ve returned two orders in one parcel, please allow an extra 7 working days for the second return to be processed.


My Order Status Is Unfulfilled

If your order is marked as ‘unfulfilled’, this just means we’re still preparing to get your order out the door.

During peak periods, it may take a little longer to get orders out the door but we’ll endeavour to keep within our delivery estimate and will keep you updated with any potential delays.

If your order hasn’t arrived by the end of your delivery estimate, get in touch with support, we’ll get right on it.

I Want To Change My Order

We’re unable to make any changes to your order once you’ve hit the ‘place order’ button, this includes the following:

  • Changing the item or size
  • Delivery/billing address
  • Adding items to your order
  • Shipping method

If you don’t have a customer account, we’re unable to cancel the order for you.

I Have Received A Faulty Item

In the event you have received a defective item, please contact us immediately with the following information:

  • Your order number
  • Which item is damaged
  • A description
  • Photographic evidence

If your parcel has been damaged upon delivery, please take photographic evidence and send it straight to customer support!

All claims for parcels arriving damaged must be made within 7 days of the delivery date.

Unless proof of damage has been verified by a member of the support team, we cannot action a refund, credit or replacement.

Once we’ve received the above information, we will work quickly and efficiently to ensure the problem is rectified instantly.

Please do not return any damaged goods unless advised by a member of our support team, it may result in a slower resolution time.

You Have Sent Me The Wrong Item

In the unlikely event you have received the wrong item, please contact us immediately with the following information:

  • Your order number
  • The name of the item you did not receive
  • The name of the item you received in it’s place
  • A photograph of the item you have received

Once we’ve received the above information, we will work quickly and efficiently to ensure the problem is rectified to your satisfaction.

Unless proof that you have received an incorrect item has been verified by a member of the support team, we cannot begin to take the steps needed to rectify the problem.

You may be required to return the incorrect item back to us, but a member of the customer support team will advise you if/how to return the item.

Why Have You Canceled My Order?


If you’ve received an email regarding the order being ‘suspected fraudulent’, this simply means your payment method has failed some security checks, we can assure you it’s nothing personal.

In the event you receive this, please ensure that your billing information matches the card you are using to pay for the order and try placing the order again.

If your payment is failing with PayPal, please ensure your email matches your PayPal email address and that your billing information is up to date and correct.

Items Unavailable 

Your order may be cancelled due to the items you’ve purchased being unavailable. From time to time, we may oversell on a certain product, it’s less than ideal we know but is sometimes unavoidable! In the event that this happens, we’ll be in touch explaining what may have gone wrong!

I've Placed An Order But Haven't Received A Confirmation Email

Not to worry, this usually means that the email you used to place the order may have had a spelling mistake or the email may have gone through to your junk mail.

If you’re still not sure, get in touch and provide us with the following details:

  • Full name used to place the order
  • Delivery address

My Order Status Is Fulfilled, Does That Mean It Should Have Been Delivered?

Status ‘fulfilled’ simply means your order has been packed by our warehouse team and it’s currently on the way to you.

You will receive a shipping confirmation shortly after detailing your tracking information.


I Can't Log Into My Account!

Please make sure your email address and password are correct.

If you’re still having trouble, please try using the ‘forgot your password’ link underneath the text box where you enter your password. If the problem persists, please get in touch!

I Have Forgotten My Password

If you’ve forgotten your password, click ‘Forgot your password?’ on the login page.

You’ll be asked to enter your email address, to then be sent an email with instructions on how to successfully reset your password.

I'm Having Trouble With Your Website

If you are having trouble with the website, please ensure the browser you are using is up to date. It may be worth deleting your cookies and trying the site again.

If you continue to experience issues, please get in touch with our support team and provide the following:

  • Detailed description of the issue you’re having
  • Which store you are shopping on
  • Screenshots of any error messages you might be experiencing

Any Question

If you still have any doubt, contact us.