Nutrition, Diets and Disaster

Nutrition is a highly controversial topic for the following reasons:
Everybody ‘knows’ something…
... but in most cases 'knowing' is based on what people heard or read somewhere without validating it!
Everybody has his opinion…
... and that's totally fine. But not when it comes down to nutrition. Opinion is great but it's mostly 90% of what these people say rather than basing it on facts, science and research!
Everybody has his ‘experience’
... but everybody is different, has different priorities, different needs, different goals, different body, different metabolism and so on! There is no 'one-size-fits-all'!
Everybody has access to Google…
... and unfortunately people believe articles someone wrote who they don't know more than they believe actual professionals!
And Combining All Of The Above…
... and even more usually ends a disaster.

A disaster where people are overwhelmed by too much opinion, too much experience, too much conflicting messages and they simply don't know what to do anymore.
They follow something just to find out that it 'doesn't work' for them, they get more and more frustrated and eventually give up - not only on nutrition but even worse - on themselves and their health!

How Do We Make The Difference

No ‘One Size Fits All’ Approach
We understand that everybody is different, so everybody gets a different approach to solve the individual problems and challenges!
Unlimited, Lifelong Access…
... to our coaching platform and to our Coaching Zone that they have the opportunity to continuously educate themselves!
Education and Knowledge…
... is our priority! It is by far a better approach to educate people, eg. in nutrition, rather than just 'throwing', a meal plan at them to follow it. We work with our clients to make sure they understand it, not just following it!
We listen…
... we think and we solve challenges for our clients by taking genuine care of them to make sure that they really get and achieve what they truly want!
Everything we say…
... is based on research, science and facts! No opinion, no 'experience', no 'one-size-fits-all' etc. Every single piece of information provided by us in any form can be backed up by current research, science and studies.
It does cost us a lot of money per month but we consider it as money well spent!