Online Coaching

What Is Online Coaching and How Does It Work

Online Coaching is a rather young niche within the health and fitness industry and quite often, we get asked what it is and how it would work . The three main benefits of online coaching are
Train At Any Time That Suits You
This convenience saves you a lot of time and hassle. Time as you are free to hit your workout when your time allows it rather than having to work around someone else's schedule (e.g. a personal trainer's busy schedule). It also avoids the awkwardness many feel when going to the gym and being surrounded by lots of intimidating, sweaty people who hog all the equipment!
Get 24/7 Access To Your Coach
If you have ever had a personal trainer then most probably the only time they were actually taking care of you was when you were at the gym and they were working you out. Did you have 24/7 access to them to ask them any question at any point of time?

Online coaching means to us that you get a lot of 'goodies' including full access to our own fitness app with an in-app messenger. This is your private communication channel to us and you can text us 24/7! We actually want you to text us as soon as you have a question, any concerns etc. even if it's 3am in the morning!

We are still able to check your exercise technique through our app and you also find a HD video library of more than 3000 exercises! To make hitting your goals even easier, you will benefit from our reminders through our app, the ability to track your workouts, your measurements, your weigh-ins, your progress photos, your nutritional intake all through our app!

We see us as a 'one-stop-shop' solution to get amazing, life lasting results, built around your lifestyle, your availability and your unique body and mind!
Get More, Pay Less
You get everything at a lower price than working with a personal trainer face-to-face! This saves you money while giving you the best possible guidance, service and support possible!